Low pile carpet, cut pile carpet, frieze carpet, plush carpet, high pile carpet in Katy, Fulshear, Richmond, Cypress, Houston & beyond.

When it comes to low pile carpet or high pile carpet for your Katy home, that is simply a way to describe the length of the carpet fiber. Pile height refers to how tall the carpet fibers stand on their base. Low pile carpet sits low to the carpet backing while high pile carpet consists of longer fibers and stands taller and further away from the backing. Remember shag carpet from way back when? That was a form of high pile carpet.

Frieze carpet Katy, Fulshear, Richmond, Cypress, and beyond!

Frieze carpet offers the same soft, squishy feel of shag carpet, but in an updated way that allows the carpet to keep its shape. While, generally, a lower pile carpet is best for high traffic areas, frieze carpet is able to hold its own due to the unique shape of the fibers. It is also excellent at hiding footprints and dirt and, as such, can be great in high-traffic areas.

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Are you needing cut pile plush carpet in Katy?

When a carpet is made, the carpet fibers (or yarn) are attached to its backing in loops. The term cut pile carpet means that the loops have been cut and the ends of the fiber are sticking up.

Plush carpet is a type of cut pile carpet where the yarns are attached very close together and are cut facing the same direction, making for a thick, luxurious feel.

There are a lot of carpet terms – things like low pile carpet and high pile carpet or frieze carpet, but how is the consumer supposed to decipher it all? Do you have questions about loop carpet, Berber carpet, or shag carpet for your Katy home? Click here!

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